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Romantic Picnic Baskets

Nothing is more romantic than sharing a picnic with someone you love. Maybe, it was on a picnic that you first fell in love, or maybe it is on your next picnic that you will fall in love with someone new. Whether you are creating a picnic for a first date or for a leisurely afternoon with your family, Romantic Picnic Baskets by Outdora has the perfect picnic basket for you. Choosing the right picnic basket is essential to ensure you have everything you need to fully enjoy this precious time with friends or family. So, if you are looking for a picnic basket for a romantic afternoon for two or a wonderful day for four, many of our picnic baskets include all the amenities you will need. Inside many of our picnic baskets you’ll find amenities such as table and glassware, cutting boards, food containers and even a picnic blanket, corkscrew and salt and pepper shakers. Our extensive selection of picnic baskets range from Classic wicker styling to picnic baskets disguised as a Backpack for those who are more active.


The simple picnic basket has evolved over the past few decades to incorporate our changing lifestyles. What was once a rustic wicker container now helps keep our food insulated, so hot foods stay hot and cold foods stay cold. Many of our modern temperature-controlled styles still preserve the handcrafted charm of the wicker basket through a rustic, old-fashioned exterior and some Picnic Basket Cases have a hard shell on the outside for a very contemporary elegant appearance.

Thoughts of the perfect picnic conjure up ideas of spreading out a blanket under a beautiful Oak tree in a grassy field with the sun shining. For a variation on this traditional picnic theme try bringing your picnic to the beach. A picnic on the beach can be quiet and romantic or a day of fun throwing a Frisbee around with friends. If you plan on going in search of the perfect little hiding spot to enjoy your picnic, and might be walking a good distance, we recommend our Backpack style picnic basket which will help distribute the weight comfortably over your shoulders and back. For groups larger than two, our Picnic Basket Cooler on Wheels has lots of room for food and drinks and will make that long walk through the park or the beach a breeze.
Consider enhancing your romantic experience by enjoying a bottle of wine with your picnic. Some believe that a picnic just isn't complete without a bottle of wine. We have such a large selection of Wine Picnic Baskets that you are sure to find one that will be perfect for your occasion. Many of the Wine Picnic Baskets come complete with wine glasses; corkscrews, bottle stoppers, place settings and they still have plenty of room left for food. One of the best features of our Wine Picnic Baskets is that they come with an insulated pouch to safely store your wine and keep it chilled until you are ready to enjoy it. If you just want a stylish way of carrying a bottle of wine to your romantic occasion, then we recommend one of our popular Wine Totes.

When it comes to taking advantage of a sunny beautiful day, there's no better way to do it than with a nice, leisurely, romantic picnic. When was the last time you went on a picnic?